​A body of many

The naiveté

Of a belief 

Can be an escape

From a reality 
You struggle to overcome.

You may want to believe

That your struggle will take you

To a new and wonderful place,
Where you follow 

A yellow brick road,

And at the end of it all

You slay your demon.
I know 

I have wanted to believe that,

I forced myself 

Into believing that, as my truth,
Now I can see 

The harshness of the world,

I became intimately acquainted 

With its bold towering presence.
It weighs heavy 

On the shoulders of my stability  Dragging me down

To the depths of its hell.
Yes I see this doom, 

It is undeniable

But I also see hope 

In those who stand beside me.
Everyday I rise

I rise with the strength 

Of others who know pain

And have overcome,
I have never been on my own, 

That is what has kept me going

When I acknowledged this,

Accepted this
And allowed others to left the weight

I saw the light that covers me

And I know you are with me

As I am here with you.


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