​River of souls

You see a smile, 
A confident presence.

Asking yourself 

Why can’t I be like you?
But if you simply look 

Just a little harder,

You will see 

I’m just like you.
A river of souls,

Bright lights, 

Shining in the dark of night in perfect unison

That’s what we are,

To stand out,

To keep a sense of

It’s funny how,

The memory of pain 

Has convenient times 

It chooses to make appearances.
When the pain of your situation is deep

And at its peak, 

When thoughts appear uttering, 

This time you could be beat.
The memories that echo

Are those of your lowest,

Of your loneliest points

And you forget 
The most important factors.

You have never been alone

There are those who fight for you

Those who are there to listen.
We will never know

The struggle 

Of one another’s pain,

Nor the depths of which it runs too,
But rest assured we can lay our burdens down

Freeing ourselves of the heaviness

As we are lifted up to our feet

By those who know what it is like 
To go through their own truth.

The fact of life 

Is it is filled with pain 

But believe the words I string together
“It’s going to be ok,

Because you have gone through worse”

Let that comfort you

In your difficult time, 
And instead of craving 

The solitude 

Of your individuality

With such fierce desperation
Take solace in the fact

That you are amongst

A river of souls 

And you do not stand alone 

See that you 

Shine bright 

In darkness and devastation.


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