​An isolated island

Working hard to achieve
The heights of my desires

But with each day that passes

I feel no closer to the top of my dreams.
I struggle to escape

The confinement

Of the raging war

Ripping through my soul.
Fatigue affects my body, 

As it begins to frivol away.

As my knees threaten 

To concave,
Give way,

Removing critical

Bricks from my foundation

Causing instability of an already delicate psyche.
Through the grind 

Of a competitive world

Full of ambitious people

Doing whatever they need to do 
To reach the top,

Including using my shoulders 

To better reach 

I feel Isolated 

Even surrounded by many

Because I alone understand what I go through.

A thousand thoughts
Flashing through my mind

All at once,

Like the great German Autobahn,

They keep me from 
The dreams that help me process,

The dreams that help me envision

And see the life I know I am capable of obtaining.

I know that patients 
Is key 

But how much longer

Must I wait to see the happiness 

I have worked for?
I cry 

And I pray

To see the change 

My hurt yearns for
But I am disappointed 

By the sluggish pace of destiny,

The cold reality of life

And the loneliness of battles unknown.


2 thoughts on “​An isolated island

  1. Every journey has its challenges, it’s important to remember that it’s not how we start but how we finish….. Embrace Your Journey!!!


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