​I have found strength

The battles faced, 

The strength given, 

The victories won, 

My life appreciated.
I have been 

Through disaster 

Holding onto the destruction 

Left behind 
Because there is comfort 

Of what has become 

A situation 

Of my norm.
On my hands and knees 

Amongst the rubble 

Crying out why 

Have I not suffered enough?
How many more battles 

Must I face?

How many more times 

Will I find myself at my end?
Lord, I cry out, 

Do you not hear me?

Have I not been faithful?

Or have my act been of an iniquitous nature?
At the precipice of my despair 

And crippling woe

I am reminded 

By your warmth and grace, 
This battle is not mine, 

I have been given this storm

Because it is one I can win

I only have to put my faith and trust in you, 
At the helm 

It is you who will get me through, 

And when it is over 

I will be stronger and wiser.
I let go of my fear, 

I let go of my worry, 

I will open my eyes 

And not look back
But see my tomorrow 

Because I know 

It will be bright, 

It will be beautiful.
It is this

That has brought me serenity, 

Flooded soul with peace

And given me strength to carry on…


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