​Doubt not my love

Do you lay awake

In the dead of night,

Watching me

While I snore lightly besides you
And wonder why?

Why it is I am here?

Why it is my soul seems so content?

Why it is I love you?
Do you wonder, 

When you wake up in the morning

Will I be here, 

Right next to you, still devoted?
Do these thoughts cause you sleepless nights?

If they do,


I know your heart has been miss used,
It has been betrayed,

It has been through countless battles,

But our love is not a battlefield,

There are no minefields 
Waiting silently 

Beneath our earth 

Waiting for one of us

To obliterate our journey as a unit.
While I sleep 

My hand lay open

And your hand holds mine

Comforting you in your time of contemplation,
This is me reassuring you through the cosmos 

Of my dreamland,

I am yours,

Mind, body and soul,
Because I can give you 

A list as long as the Nile

Of reasons why

I am here,
I can recite every great sonnet,

Every beautiful love poem 

By every great poet 

To remind you of my love.
I can shout

From the top of the Eiffel tower

Declaring my feelings for your soul

To the world,
To the universe

And to the beyond

With every breath in my lungs

As a profession of my devotion
But you should know

From the smaller gestures

Like the way I hold your hand,

I want you to feel it.
In the way I look at you

I want you to soak up the admiration,

Because through my eyes 

You are the budding rose 
Magnificent in every way,

Ever lasting, always changing

And that is why I love you,

Trust and believe that.
I love you 

Take a moment,

Absorb that,

I love you 
And regardless of where we will end up

My love for you is genuine

So with the new dawn

Let us walk this journey together…


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