​Evolution of an artist

The evolution 

Of my craft 

As an artist 

Is both frightening 
And exhilarating 

At the same time.

This rush

That causes convulsions from deep within, 
As I see the words 

Begin to flow from my veins 

Onto my page

To create my art.
My art 

That has purpose, 

My art 

That has the capability 
Of forming connections

With other curious souls.

My art 

That is my voice against injustice,
Ready to rebuke at a moments notice.

My art 

That is an advocate for love,

It has traveled far,
Far from deep within 

The epicenter of my existence.

It is who I am 

It is my happiness.
My art,

Hears the Moonlight Sonata

And in the space of those minutes 

It have formulated 

An extravagant production.
This is the evolution of my art

It is a new page, 

Of a new chapter 

Within a new diary.
My art has known pain

It has known happiness

And love 

But it has also brought me fulfilment…


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