​Walking on fragments of rock

Carefully jumping 

From rock to rock

Avoiding the dark thick

Oil like substance. 
Unable to rest 

On one rock for too long

I feel uneasy,


For a life where

I can see a path, 

Clear and solid

I have been given

This colossal dark ocean 

Ready and waiting to envelop me,
Hold me down

Stunt my growth.

Even though this world is vast

I feel like a lion trapped in a cage.
I do not desire this life.

I have become attenuated 

Of the constant movement, 

The ever vigilant state of being.
This is how I feel 

Every minute 

Of every day

And I grow tired.
I may be falling apart,

I feel lonely


All the time,
Even though I have

Many souls around me, 

Ready to carry my load

But hide my pain 
Because it is my burden to bare

Only I can conquer it

For there is a reason 

I face this struggle 
I don’t know how, 

I don’t know when,

But I will not surrender 

Because I’ve come too far…


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