​So long old friend


Right before my eyes 
I watch 


As we wither away.
Like the affect 

Constant rainfall has 

On mighty rocks,

I watch as we disintegrate.
I wilt 

At this sight,

My thoughts from a dark place

Where I see everything in this life as transient
Flood my entire being.

The darkness is smug 

Because its prediction has proven true.

Like a surge of power the darkness spreads.

Scathing words 

Hit like bullets

Piercing flesh.
Each word 

Meant to cause harm,

Injurious statements are easy

When it comes from apart of your soul.
My heart shatters,

As I am forced to accept 

The ugly truth,

We cannot go back.
Back to a place 

Where we were together,

My friend,

My family.
Our paths crossed

For a reason 

And for a long time

They have been intertwined, 
So close that 

I feel your absence,

As a structure of positive support 

Deep within my core.
You have taught me 

About the world,

About myself

And how to be the same support for another.
I thank you 

For time we have spent together,

For the time we have invested in each other

But it is now time to say goodbye
Before more harm is done. 

You go your way,

I will go mine 

And maybe one day our paths will cross again.


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