My dizzy daydream


You have me in a dizzy daydream.
The first thought I have,
Before I open my eyes,
Is of your silk body pressed up against mine.

You have me fixed
On this thought of you,
Unsure if this sensation will subside,
Give me peace to make it through my day

But as I continue,
Realization must be accepted,
You remain developing in complexity
Like an intricate strand of DNA.

You use your hands
As weapons of temptation.
Your lips
Are war ships

Following the beacons
On my flesh
As you search
For my hidden treasure.

How do you know
To touch me like this?
How do you know
To move me like this?

You seem to have mastered What I thought was my body,
You know my form better than I do
Doing mystical things I have never felt,

Finding hidden gems
With talents that still remain unknown to me,
You banish all language from my mind and my body,
It is only from the pit of  my stomach,

I scream YES, 
Don’t stop!
Not verbally but through action,
This feeling is primitive

It is basic,
I didn’t know I could feel this good,
And this is just my daydream,

It would have been the calamity of life
If this is the only part of you I experience,
I would not be able to carry on.

Is that night
We transform life
With meteoric brilliance.


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