Loving yourself will allow another to love you


The logic of forgiveness
And the truth of memory
Are closer together
Than we may perceive them to be.

I know
Because I have been plagued
By the logic of the forgiveness I need to give,
And by the truth of my situation.

I have come to see
That logic and truth
Are not filled with sunshine and daisies,
Unfortunately it is what it is.

Logic requires strength
To give my forgiveness.
Truth needs an open mind and heart
To understand and accept.

I have found myself
At the moment of complete forgiveness,
The logic of letting go is too strong for me to deny,
Getting to this required all my strength,

As I realised
Holding on to the pain
To the hurt
Would not help me move on.

I then had to divert
My attention to the truth
Of my situation
And that truth is

That the lesson I’ve learnt
Is not new,
I have been through this before,
Pain is apart of life

Nothing is an absolute certainty
Yes I will face hurt
But I will love myself
With everything I have

Learn to be happy alone
So I can build on that happiness
With a soul I wish to spend my life with,

But never place my happiness
On the shoulders of another
Because I cannot be completed by another
Merely improved.

I may not be my old self yet,
I remind myself of the love I deserve
Not because I don’t want to be alone
But I want to share my love with someone who will cherish it.


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