Hunting in darkness


Proves to be the challenge
As I stumble
Along a cobblestone pathway.

I see nothing,
Forced to rely
Solely on feeling
But even that has no certainty.

The air is thick,
Full of fog like perplexity
Making it difficult to find the oxygen I needed

To comprehend my situation,
Unsure again if certainty
Is what I find from
The confusion in my present state.

Pain is defiantly clear,
I feel the stabbing as I walk forward.
But so is determination,
I feel it fuel my flames,

To retrieve what is mine,
I will track you
Like a Bloodhound tracks the fox.

I do not want you,
For your flesh is
Is no longer appealing but

All I want from you
Is the heart you stole,
The day you left me on the floor,
Broken and battered.

Anger is what you have brought me,
Revenge is what drives me,
But I have come to realize
That none of these things will fix the damage.

If peace is what I want,
Forgiveness is what I need to give,
In order to heal
And let you go to take back what is mine…


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