Lonely heart let go


Let go,
Let go of the hope
Of that beautiful love
You desire but will never have

With the soul you crave.
Let go of the day dreams
That seem so real
You recall them as memory.

Because happiness cannot be yours
When you are not
The object of affection,
Sadness is what this dream will bring you.

You will pine over this love
That you don’t know
Because it was a dream conjured from a lonely place
But in reality it was never really yours.

Sad as it is to let go
It is simply the truth.
I know because I have been where you are
And I survived.

More than once
Doubt seeped into my mind
Because it seemed that I was attracted to
Unavailable hearts.

I can’t promise
That this will be the last time,
I can’t promise that your happy ending
Will be next,

What I can tell you is
Don’t loose hope
That the perfection you so desire
Will present itself when you are ready.

Until then don’t hold on to love
That cannot love you back
And remain open
To the beauty that is yet to come…


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