An untitled love story


As I turned around
An instantaneous connection was made,
High voltage electricity coursing through my soul,
And there you were brightening the room like the sun,

Raw power,
Pure beauty,
Unmissable presence,
Untarnished humility

As if divinely blessed
With the radiance of heaven itself
Placed on this earth,
A vessel containing the Lords love for me.

The day my eyes caught yours
Out of darkness I saw the wonder of the world for the first time,
It was the last time my heart beat at a normal pace,
Because now it races like I have just run a marathon.

You affect me with every breath you take,
A lullaby gently forming from your lips,
Fascinates me.
Is this real?

You are real?
Is our love real?
Because you are my fantasy
Now if only my reality would confirm.

But what if you are merely a fantasy,
And the moment reality crushes that
I no longer feel this?
Feel you?

If that is so
Then I beg reality to stay far away,
Because I would rather have 50 years of this glory,
Than spend 50 years chasing after a fraction of it.

When I wake,
I wake feeling blessed
And once my eyes adjust
I am in aw of the soul I am privileged to lay with.

You make me happy
Because of our simplicity,
You require nothing but my love,
But I want to give you the universe,

You are everything to me
And there will come a day we transcend
To new levels of happiness and joy
And that is the day our family grows,

But until then
Let me enjoy you,
Put your hand in mine
And let’s just take a walk…


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