A sad conundrum of a tired heart


The one,
That special human being,
Who you find that incredible happiness with
Is hard to find,

Which makes it harder
To find the energy to go on looking,
When all you get
From all your hard work

Is disappointment.
Like removing the wrapping of your favourite sweet
To find out its not the flavour you wanted,
And then you look at the rest of the full jar

It is so daunting,
Because how many more moments Will you face the possibility
Of that disappointment?

I know, to see your life
As this hopeless
Is not the way to find some kind of happiness,
But how do you build the strength,

Build the protection
Around your withering heart
Just so you can continue,
Then you are left to try and figure out,

At which stage you decide you’ve found the one
Who you can peal away the thick covering you created?
O this is a conundrum
Of epidemic proportions,

Is the possibility of happiness
Worth the pain?
Worth the hurt?
I am yet to answer that question for myself.


2 thoughts on “A sad conundrum of a tired heart

  1. Yes it is worth the pain
    The journey God has in store for us
    A journey with Him to carry the pain

    Preparation for whats to come
    Embrace your journey
    Embrace whats to come

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