A warm reflection of a blessed road


The day I entered this world
From the vessel chosen
To be a guide,
A supportive rock and a teacher,

I entered without fear,
Without experience,
Without the cruelties of the world,
Without the beauties of the world,

And innocent,
I begin to absorb the knowledge
Of this material world.

While I transform from a boy to a man
Lessons are learned.
From caution
To fear,

From joy
To pain.
My experiences are never ending,
Everyday bringing new lessons.

I have evolved,
I have matured,
I have strengthened my analytical thinking
To aid the conclusion to my situation.

I evoke memories and feelings
Of past and present experiences
And the conclusion
I derive is simply that

I am blessed,
I am loved,
I have achieved what I am meant to
At exactly the right time

And regardless of what the future may hold,
I have the tools
And the support
To face it and overcome.


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