Open your eyes to see your path


The dawn is still to come
Yet life is already on its awake.
The birds prepare themselves
For this new day singing songs of hope.

These songs however do not seem to bring me joy
Or fill me with the excitement of this new day,
Rather it causes my stomach to turn
At the thought of this incipient life appearing with the coming dawn.

Laying beneath the covers,
My eyes shut
Prolonging the beginning
I feel my own insipience,

Because I know that even though my eyes are closed
That does not mean my mind has been still
Long enough to find a restful slumber
No, instead I fear it has overworked itself

And now I have no baring
On the plan I had conjured to conquer.
Life as I have built it
Is entering a stage

Of drastic change.
I am scared,
I am emotional,
And these feeling have crippled my entire being.

How does one take the first step
Not knowing if a happier ending is on the horizon?
What if the world I am about to enter Is not the auspicious outcome I prayed for?

I take a deep breath
I hold myself tighter
To prepare myself
For what I must do next.

Calm yourself!
I cry loudly within.
Life carries with it no guarantees
And I am the one who has made the decisions

Of the direction
I now travel,
Each of these decisions have taken courage,
They taken strength

And they taken faith,
To doubt myself now
Would be a disservice
To the person I have become along the path I have walked.

I am great
Because of the fire
Burning deep within me,
And my fire is fuelled by the support I am blessed to have around me.

No matter what this future holds,
I will muster the courage,
I will summon my strength
And I will open my eyes to face this day

Because I cannot turn back
I cannot hide
And I have faith
That by the end of this I will come out stronger than before.

Imagine by the talented Martin Liebermann Facebook- 


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