Comfort zone abolished


My comfort zone was perfectly intact,
No vision of the outside world
Completely hidden from my sight
All I knew was the little I experienced

But in my mind,
What I had experienced
Was much,
Little did I know.

You turned off the lights
Only to light one candle,
The glow dimly flickered
In the corner of the room,

Walking up to me
I cannot explain the sensation
Coursing through every blood vessel
In my body,

I began burning up
Like a sudden fever
Latched onto me
What is this sensation?

Am I falling ill?
This fever bothered me
I couldn’t be ill
Because in no way did I feel lethargic,

No I had energy
As though I had woken up
From a deap slumber
Reborn, a new man with energy to take over the world,

You finally reached the edge of the bed
And you lingered for a second
Before you began gently moving your fingers
Along the sheets tormenting me.

Just when I was about to scream
From anticipation
You moved with lighten speed
In one elegant motion you where on top of me,

The feel of your warmth
Is a new sensation
My skin had never known
You rejuvenate my loins 

Life sun provides energy to the earth.
I feel like a young man experiencing Life for the first time
And it is exciting,

It is freedom.
I feel your body pull stiff
As I stroke your thigh

Your chest puffs outward
As you fill your lungs with air
When the penetration of your being is complete

You throw your head back
Because pleasure told you too.
The sweat drips
Of both our steaming bodies

Our flesh
Hot like a river of lava
Flowing deep
With a volcanic chamber.

Breathing as though
We struggle
But our lungs simply cannot keep up
The physical strength

Our emotional pleasure receptors
Are transmitting
The messages
But we move as fast as we can

We take in as much oxygen
As we can take
Until finally
Simultaneously we erupt….


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