A succinct love


I look into your eyes
And see the ups and downs I put you through,
You look into mine and see the hell you dragged me through,
Only to return each other to a new light.

We have parted ways many times,
Most of those times
It was me that walked away from you And still you took me back.

In the beginning
We held our own chalice,
Filled to the brim
With our insecurities and our hurts

Heavy in our hands
We kept them close to our own chest
Until one day they become one,
One chalice held by us both.

The load became lighter
Because we accepted each other’s baggage,
We became the rock for one another To lean on, to count on,

Walking on a journey
We didn’t see coming,
A love we never imagined could ever have existed.

Is what we are
To have found love
Of this magnitude.

A succinct
Type of love is what we have,
Because few words can express
What we feel for each other,

It is a succinct love
Because few words are needed
To show the world the bond we share,
And anyone who has crossed our path has seen it,

Has experienced it,
Has been overwhelmed by it,
Has envied it,
But it is mine, it is yours and it is ours.


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