Courageously accept your change


Change is uncomfortable,
And it is unsettling
To the deepest parts of you being
Powerful like a storm coursing through you

Its aim remains
Leaving you with no choice
As you undergo your forced transformation.

Opening floodgates
From your soul,
Allowing unstable emotions
To gush from the depths.                

Of change,
Any change is not easy
That’s why it remains the most difficult step in your process.

Have you ever sat
And thought about
Why it is we fear change?
Why we fear it so that we struggle against it with all the strength we can muster?

Because if you think about it
Really think,
You have been changing all your life,
From the day you left the womb.

Throughout your life
You have had to learn
You have had to adapt
You have had to change

But as an adult
You find the mere thought
Of change
To be a horrific experience.

First you deny
You deny to the point
Where you are thrust
Out of your comfort zone.

To enter
Into change simply means
New knowledge is being given to you,
Knowledge that brings with it growth.

So ask yourself,
Without the knowledge you need for growth,
Which moves you forward
Where would you be right now?

Where do you see yourself
50 years from now?
Do you see a bleak future?
That is what I see.

All of that said
I implore you to see reason,
See that your acceptance of change
Is essential and it must be hard

Because if it was easy to grow
It wouldn’t be real sustainable growth.
You need courage to accept your change
And strength to see it through.

You will see the worth
Change will bring once you experience
Your rewards
Which will be plentiful.


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