Growth is like happiness, it is not dependent on another


In life people grow at different speeds,
Some find themselves at the end of their lives
Wondering why they stopped at a certain point
And why they lost the will to continue.

Then there are those,
Who continuously seek new ways to grow
In most aspects of their lives,
But they lack the courage to take that leap to reach that final finish line.

The world is full
Of these types of people
Who grow at speeds that may not
See them at that finish where they reach

Life changing growth.
The type of growth that is
Providing a new world

One with new levels of growth,
One that allows
Freedom and excitement for the road ahead,
And changes their perception of the world.

Sadly most never experience such fulfillment
Because they go from day to day,
Month to month,
Year to year

Telling themselves one day they will have time to make a change,
To take that leap,
And when they find themselves at the end of their lives
They look back and think

Why didn’t I do more?
Why didn’t I go after what I wanted?
Some believe they are owed this growth,
That another is meant to take interest in them

To develop them
Inspire their own growth
To show them which way to grow
And how to get there,

But here is my question,
What happened to you seeking
The evolution of who you are as person?
At the end of the day is your own happiness not in your own hands?

When did we become expectant? When did we think that growth and development
Is a privilege
That must be handed to us on a silver platter?

Do not look to others to force your growth,
Do not allow another’s serial unhappiness
Deter you from your desire
To be free, happy and excited about life and all there is to experience.

Remain steadfast in your pursuit, Summon your courage to take your leap,
Stay faithful, don’t stop believing, And always push yourself,

Because the ones who have done this 
Are captains of industry,
Warriors of change
And believers of their happiness.


2 thoughts on “Growth is like happiness, it is not dependent on another

  1. A succinct self-motivational piece. I enjoyed the read. I particularly like the emphasis on ‘you’. Making sure that ‘we’ as readers leave here feeling motivated and ready to pursue our heart’s calling and inner soul’s destiny.

    Thank you mm

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank so much for your beautiful words they truely are appreciated, you’ve encouraged my creative thoughts and I will definitely be constructing a new piece around the word ‘succinct’ so thank you for that 🙂


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