A love fated to be beyond comprehension


In the morning
I am the definition of miserable,
Yet on your face
Is a smile full of sunshine ready for the day.

In the evening
Silence is what I crave
But you need to run through your day
Just because you want to share it with me.

It is your positively
Energetic wave length
That fulls my day
And sends me to a wondrous dream,

It is my strength
Down to earth and stable
That keeps you firm in reality
But reassures you that no matter how high you go I will still be there to catch you.

Completely different
In every way
Yet beyond comprehensively

There are times
When all I am is irate,
Because of the things you do
The things you say

But those times never last,
All it takes is a simple
I’m sorry
And everything that caused the anger dissipates.

I look into your eyes
To sooth my worries,
I kiss your lips
To warm my soul.

This love is beautiful,
It is pure,
It is honest
But it is not mine.

It is a love
I have seen,
A love I have been privileged to be around,
And one I wish to possess.

Those who have been blessed with it
Work hard to maintain and build it
And they reap the rewards
Of its light.

This timeless
Inspires me because it is real,
It is not a fable told to children to give them comfort.

If I find a love like this
I will not allow worry of how long it will last to tant it,
Instead I will use that energy
To solidify its longevity.


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