Once I loved myself in all my entirety, I was ready to let you love me


For years I chased
An image of a love I thought I wanted
My heart was the cause
Because of a misleading need of affection.

Along the way it seems
My objective changed,
Discovery of myself
Now took center stage.

I found my worth,
I found my desire,
I found my voice,
And I liked it.

I came to see the beauties within,
Beauties I knew only by name
But had no belief in their existence,
Because I had no belief in myself.

Now I see them differently,
I have allowed myself
To know that they are really apart of me
I have holistically accepted them.

Another part of my make-up
I saw as a weakness
Is the difficulties I come with,
I did not want these inconveniences to burden another

But these difficulties are apart of who I am,
They are not going anywhere
And I don’t want them too,
Because they are apart of the reason for my strength and I fear them no longer.

This journey will be never-ending,
My soul will go through continuous renascent
And I will approach each with a vigorous
Courage and faith.

The moment I arrived at this point
And the love for myself
Was present and understood
I stopped looking for a soul I needed to help me cope with life and I allowed the chips to fall where they may.

You walked in,
You looked at me,
And you took in all of who I am
Even though I couldn’t see that you were to be mine.

You told yourself,
You showed me,
You know exactly what you want and you will fight,
You will approach your pursuit of me with patience,

And I just need to thank you
Thank you for your patience
Thank you for your determination,
Because you completely changed the direction of my road and made my destination ours..

If you didn’t do these things I would have missed my chance
To stand in front of you
To experience your words
Stringing together as they flow from your lips

Forming a melody meant only for my heart,
Taking hold of my life
In all its entirety
Speaking your poetry,

Sealing your love with a kiss
That set my soul on fire
Electrified my being
Just because you love me,

And I promise I will not allow a day to pass,
The sun will not set
Without you knowing
How much I love you…

Thank you for your continued support,

Matthew Myles


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