I am stronger and wiser


My eyes wide open
I see my world clearer than ever,
I am aware of every nerve in my body
As I follow the messages my brain is sending out.

Get up!
My brain lets out a stern bellow,
Get up!!
You remember how.

I feel the sensation of
The muscles in my body move
Individually and collectively
Becoming stronger and firmer in its motion.

My shoulders move into position
To support the arms that would lift my body
My hands firmly planted
While my arms push up.

As I find myself on my knees
My I look up.
The air is so clear,
So fresh and pure

I take a deep breath into my lungs
Filling them up as much as I can.
A fire has come over me,
Heating up every vessel,

Every bone,
Every follicle,
Every molecule within me
Has been taken from a cold, dead place

To a motivated state.
Passion flowed freely,
I feel the world around me
I see my way forward.

I have taken a beating
I have faced emotional,
Metal tragedy,

And I have survived.
Now on my feet
I am closer to the sun
It shines brightly,

I am energised
And I will allow that energy to take me
For as long as it can,
Because I have places that I need to be.

Do not mistake my enthusiasm
For being overly confident.
Now that I have survived,
I am wiser.

I do not know all of who I am,
I do not have all the answers to my future,
And I know I will stumble again,
But I am not the same person,

So the next time
I am faced with evil
I will look deep into its eyes,
Confidently saying,

I will not be defeated
By your darkness
Nor by your malice
Because I am covered by the light and I am never alone.

Thank you for your continued support,

Matthew Myles


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