Your honey flavored lips

Your honey flavored lips
Excite me,
In ways that,
Cause every nerve ending in my body to explode,

Explode for a sensation
That stimulates
My being with an imagination
Running rampant with the ways I wish to please you.

I believe that you lips
Have been my gift
Given to me
By powers out of this world,

And what better way to thank you
For allowing me to partake
Then by blessing you with the experience,
Of a few of my own talents.

Feel the sensation of my big,
Firm hands
As they passionately caress your thighs,
Feeling like a deep tissue massage as they move up and down

Harder and faster.
Feel the silk of my lips
Move along your shoulder,
Your skin brings forth refreshing bursts of strawberries and cream
As I move up your neck,

Until the lobe of your ear which tastes like chocolate.
Feel the Goosebumps
Rapidly taking over your body,
As my tongue reaches out of my mouth towards your earlobe

Now when your body shakes
From the anticipation
Of the warm connection of my tongue,
I will bring that sensitive part of your ear to my mouth

Gently nibbling with my teeth.
Your body hides nothing
You wear your pleasure on your sleeve
And I like it.

Thank you for your continued support,

Matthew Myles


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