A love that is ours

You are the reincarnation
Of a soul
That has followed me through each lifetime
Since the dawn of time.

We have shared different lifetimes,
Somehow finding one another each time
Coming together to create a new moment,
With a new love.

We experience the beauty
Of falling irrevocably in love 
Time and time again,
Always in different ways and never feeling the same.

The only part that is hard
Is the time we spend apart,
While we grow and mature in our new lives
Because it is a lonely time,

I feel this overwhelming incomplete pain in the pit of my stomach.
And I do come across souls that have similar qualities
As I search furiously for you,
But they are not you.

I know this
Because they don’t fill me like you do.
Your love has the power and ferocity
Of a lighting storm,

Filling my being with Goosebumps
Creating emotions of 
Fear and wonder,
Respect and marvel.

Like any powerful storm
It doesn’t just appear
It needs time to build,
And that’s what you did.

In this life you entered,
The most unlikely of candidates.
At first glance you possessed no extraordinary
Physical or intellectual qualities that would normally attract me,

But like that storm you grew,
Swelling deep in the epicentre of my emptiness,
And when the time was right
You exploded filling all of me at once.

Now I have you,
We have this love
And we are complete,
Because we are perfect halves once more joined.

Thank you for your continued support,

Matthew Myles


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