Sovereignty of my domain


Look at me,
Look deep into my dark brown eyes,
These glistening windows,
Do you see that they are full of life experienced?

I have been overlooked,
By those who have not wanted to see the beauty of my person,
But that does not mean they are uncaring,
It simply means our connection ends at a point and that’s ok.

My struggle has been
Being alone with my thoughts,
In the midst of the free time,
They run rampant causing all sorts of mayhem,

But all puzzles in life come with solutions.
I will act on my basic human instinct of self-preservation,
I choose to focus my thoughts to a happier place
I choose to be joyful of the things I’ve accomplished.

I choose to cancel out the negativity of my thoughts,
I choose to take responsibility for my sanity and not rest it on the shoulders of another,
And if a thought, situation or action is not conducive it has no place in my dominion
Because sovereignty is mine.

Even though I have come
To develop my determination,
There are times when my situations
Become challenging.

But these experiences have transformed my soul,
Continuing to transcend it to heights,
That seemed out of my reach,
And I gain momentum with an impelled attitude.

I will not allow jostle actions of others,
To slow my progress
For they are merely obstacles
Necessary to mould me.

I will celebrate each victory,
Because to be joyful of the small accomplishments makes me want the bigger ones more.
I will embrace the losses,
Because they hold the lessons I need to go on to the next challenge.

I am taking control of my own life,
I am focusing all my energy
On living a happier life
And achieving the dreams I have carried for far to long.

Thank you for your continued support,

Matthew Myles


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