Let us emancipate ourselves

Our situation
Has become a destructive spirit,
Its only purpose is to cause chaos
And it has left me feeling dark and down.

No matter how hard I try
To keep it from using my tongue as a tool
To aid it in its quest for ruin
It often gets control and does what it wants.

I can no longer do this, 
Going around and around in circles
Of destructive behaviour
Hoping for a different result each time,

But I fear we will never find it.
The happiness we once shared,
In the beginning when our love was fresh,
Is lost forever.

I remember the feeling of fluttering butterflies
Humming sweetly in my soul.
I remember the way you made my world
Orbit yours, our love drawing me closer.

You brought forth the eyes of a younger me
To see a possibility of a magical land,
Which I still believe exists,
But I know I will not have it with you.

A fairly tale ending
Is not our destiny
Because the only thing we bring each other
Is a kind of pain and negativity that causes us to hurt one another.

I can no longer indulge this game,
I love you
God knows I do
But to love you is to be sucked into a pit of darkness.

We hold onto nothing all the while knowing what must be done,
We must to let go of our misguided dreams
Of staying in each others lives
For it has no positive outcome. 

So I say goodbye from a distance,
As not to see the sadness of your eyes
Begging me to stay
Merely to not face your own fear of loneliness.

I will set you free,
I need you to do the same for me,
Let us emancipate ourselves
From this emptiness.

So we can both
Arrive at the part of our lives
We can embrace separate from each other,
So that we don’t simply exist but live.

Thank you for your continued support,

Matthew Myles


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