Part 1 – I will run

Through my eyes the love I have for you
Shines brighter than the moon on the clearest night just after dusk,
And through your eyes
The love you have for him is like the sun that rises bright at dawn.

Your lips,
Moving along mine
Force me to recite the greatest of the Shakespearean love sonnets,
I didn’t realize you are merely whispering his name.

Your touch
Brings me the passion and intensity
Of an Argentine Tango,
But I am a temporary vessel while you imagine his touch asking you to follow.

I know the love I have for you
Can never be returned
As I long it to be,
Blindly holding you close,

Because your love,
Your heart,
Your spirit
Belong to another.

My heart begs you to open your eyes and see me,
While my head knows you never will.
But I have come to the point in this cruel reality
Where I can no longer force myself to ignore this sad truth.

You have never been mine,
I see this now
So I beg you to go,
For my sanity and the hope that I will move on.

Because I have fooled myself for long enough
And I implore you
Pay no attention to my heart that calls after you
Because my head will continue to run,
I just need the time to gain momentum,

From the pain you have brought
The pain you will left
Because before I can heal
I have to put as much distance between us as I can

To gain my moment of clarity
Where I can progress
And continue to believe the next time I look into the eyes of one whom I love
It won’t be the love for another man staring back at me but it will be love for me.


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