I have dreamed of you

You are the manifestation,
Of a reality,
I have dreamed of
For the span of my life.

A reality where I have loved you
And the you have loved me.
Like a love song
My heart hums the melody of your beauty.

A melody
I have known
From the moment
We stepped foot on this path,

One path
Destined for two hearts,
You began at one end
And I began at the other

Until this day when we meet,
You took my hand
And like old friends
We continued together.

My life and my existence
Make perfect,

All my stars
Have always rearranged their order
In an attempt to find its destined alignment,
Finally on this day they have found that perfect balance,

I can let them speak their truth
Because I’m in love with you,
You’re in love with me,
And we don’t need anymore.


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