It’s simple, I’m happy

My lungs are filled
With the crisp of winter’s air
At this graveyard hour
When the mind should be asleep,

I look out at the city
So bright,
So quiet,

As I marvel at the view,
The fog begins to descend over the city skyline,
Thick, dark
And ominously inauspicious.

But I find that I am not affected
By its presence,
A sense of obscurity has not been force upon my being,
And I have not been plagued by a perplexed state,

I have gained a new cognizance
Of its meaning.
I have redefined the significance of its symbolic value,
I now see it as hope that brings forth the dawn.

I have come to a point
In my journey of discovery
Where I no longer feel the need to be
In a constant state of repair

That time has passed,
The endless darkness
I submerged myself in to heal the wounds
Of my broken frame has become lighter.

There is no wave
Of emotion that has its clutches
On my waist forcing me follow its lead
In the dance of its choice.

I have kissed
The lips of my adversity
And watched that demon
Blush into the shadows it came.

I don’t need the false sun
That a false love will bring,
Rather the realization,
Of the love I have for the self within.

I can stare at the reflection of my bare form
And love each contour
That is apart of who I am.
I am complete.

There will always be room for improvement
Because I will grow each and every day,
I will face new foes
But right now,

At this pivotal moment
Of my self discovery,
Of self appreciation
I can confidently shout,

I love who I was,
I love who I am,
I love who I will become
And I have been blessed to partake of this journey that ascends me to new heights.


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