This lifetime and the next

Your smile has captivated me for lifetimes,
Forming part of my moon and stars,
Bringing exuberant life to my soul
And takes me to a world outside of my reality.

Your smile is the reflection
Of a profuse love
Kept only for me
Behind a door for which I have the only key.

Your eyes form the great river
That begs to be journeyed
By my heart
And leads to your most intimate self,

Your eyes are the invigorating substance
That surrounds me transforming the roots of my existence,
Allowing for luxuriant emotion to blossom bounteously
While providing a buoyant state for sustainable stability.

I believe this to be a love story
Long ago foretold
Living through many lifetimes
Equally balanced.

The world looks at us
And sees perfection,
They see the radiant glow
Of our love,

But it is only perfection
Because we have come together,
It is our imperfections as individuals
That has created our kind of perfection.

You see my flaws
And to you they are beautiful
Because they are apart of me
And you love me in spite of them.

You see our love is unconditional,
It is irrevocable
And it is the reason that we will survive
This lifetime and the next…


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