I have grown

From the boy I was

To the man I am

And I am proud.

I am proud

That I have overcome

The encumbrance of my hardships

And I stand here today.

These hardships

Have taught me the limitless stretches of my strength,

This strength that has been embedded within the inner most part of my soul,

Intertwined in my genetic makeup.

There have been times,

The anguish of my adversity overwhelms my soul to the point

I merely wish to abscond

From the misery I face,

But there is no relieve as I am bombarded

With destructive souls who find joy

In my downfall

Continuing their attack to further weaken me.

But I will not indulge

Their narcissistic need

To better their illusion to the outside world

And hide the pitiful reflection of their sad existence.

Each morning I wake

I achieve a goal

Because I have not lost my desire

To see my dream fulfilled.

I am here

I am fighting

I will not allow negativity to bring me down,

And when they say I will fail, I remain the one smiling.

I smile because I have seen the depths of my ocean,

I have lain on the floor of its dark heaviness,

And I have been depleted of all energy

At the thought of its great abyss

But I know I will conquer that demon

I know that I cannot be consumed by it

Because I refuse to accept defeat

I have been successful there before and I will do it again.

When I do however

Feel the days are dark

I take a moment to reflect

On the blessings I have.

I have been given a talent I continue to develop as a purpose,

I have been surrounded by a fruitful support system,

I have been allowed to touch another’s soul on an intimate level,

And I thank my Creator for molding this favor into my life.

So I will continue to grow,

I will continue to strive

To achieve my dreams,

And I will never give up.


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