Through the lace curtains

The light of the full moon and bright stars

Shine with an unusual luminescence.


Brighter than I’ve ever known either to be,

So bright,

This magical light

That shapes the contours of our form.


So bright

That I see the slight pulsing

Of your resting, content heart beating

Lightly on your neck.


I love these moments

Watching you sleep

Your peaceful demeanour

Filled with satisfaction


In this moment you love me.

In the midst of the darkness

You allow this love to exude,

Will the sun make it shine a different colour in the morning?


Now that I’m ready

To give my freedom to you

Not to be your slave

But to assure you that all of who I am I want to be yours.


My individuality

Will always remain

But it will be transformed by the beauty of us,

And this is a reflection of the situation we find ourselves in at present.


So is this moment enough?

Enough for me to not wonder what will happen tomorrow?

I don’t know,

But what I can say is,


I will not compromise

On the exceptional love

I have waited for,

The one I deserve.



I will not settle

For a mere rainbow

But I will chase after the extraordinary

Of the rare moonbow,


And I will strive to obtain it,

I will make it the epicentre of my domain

Because nothing worth possessing

Is easily acquired

And once acquired work is still needed to ensure permanent residence.


I have stood at the precipice

Of disastrous abyss

A place of no hope, no light, no happiness,

But it was not my end,


And to be in this moment

Experience this feeling

I cannot question the answers that only tomorrow will bring

But live in this moment and carry hope to see what that tomorrow will bring.


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