The Way You Made Me Feel

There are days,

When all I think about is you,

I think about your smile,

The quirky things you used to say.


I think about the smell of your perfume,

O it used to drive me insane,

Like you picked it just for me

Because you knew it’s what would turn me on.


I think about

The subtle moans that escaped your clenched jaw

As the soft of my lips

Touched the top of your neck


The scent of your body pushing me

To go further lower,




I think about

The taste of your skin

So sweet

Like homemade chocolate cake.


I think about the way

You made me feel

Simply by touching my arm

And like a child I filled up with purist excitement,


But I knew there was always a reason behind this type of affection,

You did it because

You wanted to reassure me that you were still here

But you also wanted to remind yourself that I’m real.


On these days

I hold my phone wanting to type you a message

To tell you I miss you

And I just want to kiss you.


But I have to stop myself

Remind myself of the pain you caused me,

The lessons you’ve taught me,

Because you were never good for me



And finally I have come to a peaceful place

That you are no longer a part of my universe

But it doesn’t mean I can’t think about you

And the way you made me feel,


Because you played a pivotal roll

In my realization

Of my self-worth

And the love I have for myself.


One thought on “The Way You Made Me Feel

  1. People come into our lives to teach us something, it let’s us know that we want and don’t want …. All part of the journey!!. Well Done for embracing and for sharing. I like it!

    Liked by 1 person

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