A Heroic Spirit

I have grown weary
Of the constant melancholy,
And the endless anger that
That seems to find its way from my core through to my thoughts expressed into words.

Haunting me,
Day and night,
Consuming my being,

It had begun a siege
To seize control of the epicenter
Of the essence of my spirit,
Infecting as it goes along.

But there is something
Or rather someone
Who has come to challenge
The unchallengeable.

This heroic spirit
Firmly takes hold of my hand,
Offers a reassuring smile
And instantaneously realized the fantasy I have imagined for so long,

That love that was meant for me,
Because of me,
About me
And I intent to return it with all of who I am,

Because with a beautiful hope
You have begun embedding
The solid mix
To firmly fix the mass of soul that had begun to deaden.

My happiness
Has never been dependent
On another,
I have been to a place in my universe were I have found complete happiness,

You have merely
Taken my spiraling attitude
And said
“I want to walk with you”

Eagerly, I will walk along side you,
To discover
The beauteous
Path between the bounteous plans of roses on either side of us,

Because I choose to,
I long to,
And no matter the destination
You are worth the journey.


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