Your Presence Surrounds Me

In my life I have encountered a fair few souls,
Souls that have been worth remembering,
For years the memories of their presence
Have stayed with me.

Whether it has been because
They have truly touched me
Or because they have deeply hurt me,
They served a purpose.

They have taken my naïve view on life
And shown me that the world can be brutal,
They have given me hope and kindness helping me stay beautifully optimistic.
All of these life lessons have helped me grow.

But there is one soul that is not involved my current world,
Nor deeply intertwined in the development from my past,
Yet seems to be walking closely along side of me
With no definitive roll in my future.

The thought of what could have been lingers so intensely,
In my consciousness.
The feelings I have felt for you without really having the chance to feel them in my reality
Are brought forth by the strangest things.

This confusion has become apart of my daily struggles,
Unable to explain the impact you have had on my life,
Even to myself,
How do I then bring it to your attention without looking like a patient with a problem?

Every relationship that has past since the day you entered my universe,
Becomes a comparison to you
Not intentionally,
Not knowingly,
And not immediately.

This odd behavior creeps under my skin
Because as long as it remains unexplainable it wreaks havoc.
Sometimes I think to myself was I robbed by the cosmos
Of something spectacular with you?

Are we fated to become more than roads that have merely crossed paths?
Do I pluck up the courage to verbally and physically
The feelings I wish to make a present reality?

Or is this a mere reflection
Of the connection
And kinship I desire
With the soul that is specifically meant to fit the pieces of my puzzle?

These many directions
Of a possible path I could take confuses me,
It is unsettling to my spirit
And perhaps someday within my future the road will become clear,

But until then you remain a sensory memory 
Embedded deep within my mind
Ready for retrieval at a moments notice
I will simply need to work on my patience….


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