Congratulations are in order
As you take a place in the winners circle
Not really a circle,

More like a long line,
Of those who disappoint
But don’t shed a care for the numbers,
Because you are clearly a front runner

With a prize,
And waiting,
Just for you.

You should feel honored,
Pride should be swelling in your chest,
Because not many have won a prize like this,
They lacked the ability to disappoint enough to.

Do you feel the excitement?
As you finally learn what you’ve won?
As you claim what you’ve worked so hard for?
Well let me put you out of your misery,

My heart beneath the soul of your shoe…

As you walk away with it,
Does this bring you the joy you thought it would?
To feel the withering beats of my once vibrant heart,
That kept this vessel energized,

Now trapped
Under your enormous feet
So cold and hard
Forcing it to trail in the dirt.

Do you feel like the once powerful Mammoth,
That roamed the earth,
Not concerned of predators,
Because you could merely lift a foot to crush any threat?

Do you feel the warmth
Of success
From a mission achieved
As you trample through?

Even though my heart would seek only to love you,
You assumed it was here to hurt you.

Well enjoy this victory
While you can
Because there is no door for you to enter,
And my heart is not a mat for you to walk on,

A temporary gift
Unintentionally given,
From a hand weakened,
By the paralyzing toxicity of your words.

Ashamed as I admit
I’ve granted you more time
To enjoy yourself than I should
But no longer will you bask in your triumphant ambience,

I don’t think you know of the few
Who have managed this
Rare achievement before.

Ask for them and all you will find
Is the dust of were they once stood,
Like you the power of a victorious walk,
Blinded them
And they allowed arrogance to overwhelm caution,

Let the eradication of the powerful,
Giant Mammoth,
Teach you that,
Even the most seemingly unbeatable can be brought down.

I am secretly
In processing a pre-eminent

That will outlast
The damage
And the trauma
Of your superiority complex

That holds no substance
But merely an adolescent
Need to prove you are not as weak
As those who know you best believe you to be.


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