Hope is not lost

Sometimes darkness can overwhelm you,
It can force out all semblance of hope,
It can turn your hands into despondent ornaments,
Casting you into limbo bring feelings of stranded isolation.

What do you do when you feel like this?
When you can’t see a way out?
A way forward,
How do you go forth to conquer your realm?

Close your eyes,
Take a deep breath
And clear your mind.

Think back to a time when you faced darkness,
A darkness that you thought you would not survive,
When you felt as hopeless as endless pit,
As lost as if in a maize of under water caves,

Now open your eyes,
See the life before you,
You’re here,
You survived that,

So understand that you are more than capable,
More than equipped
To face this battle and survive
This new obstacle because you’ve done before.

Even though it may seem like you are alone,
That there are always shining lights
Ready to guide you through.


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