I banish you

The thickset dust begins to loosen,
The result of the great battle,
Won by the new emperor
Of your dominion.

Evidently the repair of your fractured, once tranquil world is not the next step,
A new army led by choice generals
Waits in the midst of the clearing,
Ready for the next fight.

Caught off guard
Disarray was set in motion,
Your mind is overwhelmed by your senses,
The generals of this new battle,

A sound,
A touch,
A taste,
A smell,

Setting off a chain reaction,
Forcing you to bring memories forth,
That fuels an emotional response,
Rendering the operational capabilities that kept restraint of the floodgates useless.

And now I am trapped
In this hopeless,
Wasteland because you lost your humanity.

But this state weakness,
Is convulsively repulsive,
Incongruously grotesque,
And ultimately not conducive to my survival.

So I banish you,
I banish the hurt of you,
Because this was my realm
Before you decided to dominate it,

And I hold the power here.


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