Starting a new

Its been long
And its been hard,
But now here I stand
With defeated giants behind me.

Every heartache
Felt like it would last forever.
Every battle,
Felt like it would be my last.

There where times of darkness,
That brought an archaic despondent despair.
There where also times of light,
That brought a deep routed fulfillable happiness.

Each failure
Was like a knife plunging in my gut,
But each victory,
Was a pure joy coursing through my veins like a child remembering his first Christmas.

Though at my lowest
I felt an unbearable loneliness,
Crippling to my spirits,
I was never alone.

Whether in the physical
Or through some mystical, cosmic connection
I was surrounded
With an undying support.

Angelic stars,
Celestial bodies,
Luminous points,
Leading me from the edge of darkness into the light,

With a new journey in front of me,
I am confident I can go forth,
Knowing I am well equipped,
With the healing wounds of the past and the support unwavering,

And for that
I am grateful,
I am blessed,
And I am ready.


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