The Shadow

I have walked in the shadow
Of the darkness
That you cast upon me
The day you walked into my life.

I should have noticed
That the open grassy plains
Had been replaced
With the dark of towering mountains.

You brought warriors to guard
This world of negativism
And distrust.

Like the black plague
You spread through every aspect of my world
Bringing a sickness and death
To everything it touched

Even though the threat
Had been contained,
Your mere existence forced a change,
A change in behavioral thinking.

Character traits making a sudden more prominent appearance,

Sudden and here to stay.
This new way of thinking
That seemed to take over.
Distressed, how did I let it get this way?

That dare enter this darkness,
This place that had become an enclosed prison,
Will leave as changed as I am.

Who are you
To bring me down this way?

You who possesses no extraordinary gifts
Will not be the one to contain me.

I now choose
To fight back,
To banish that doubt, insecurity and distrust,
To change and let go of the defensive, protective and cautious natures.

I am stronger than you,
I am stronger than the damage you left,
Because unlike you I do possess
Gifts of an extraordinary nature.


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