Fear is real
It is a real feeling
That can crumble you
If you let it.

It can suffocate you,
Deprive you of your desire
From achieving your dreams
From your happiness.

It is a darkness                   
That you will walk through,    
It will begin wrapping itself around your being
And you will lay there entwined together.

But it is also a tool,
If you choose to see it that way
If you take it in your hands
And use it

Weld it,
To create,
To achieve,
To overcome,

Let it ignite
Your desire
To survive
and to flourish.

You were not made for the ordinary,
But the extraordinary
If you let yourself be taken by fear,
You’ve lost and that would be sad.

Let your fear teach you
That your strength
Is stronger
And your victory will be greater.


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