I’m walking away

I look into your eyes,
Wanting to feel your love.
I kiss your lips,
Wanting you to tell me that you’ll stay.

Don’t you know that
There is only so much I can take,
There is only so many times I will come back?
Don’t you know?

Then why do you stand there saying nothing?             

I don’t want to give up on you,
I want you to give me a reason to stay,
I wish to feel the affection
You once gave so tender when you kissed me.

Don’t let me wake away from you,
Can’t you see,
My feet have started walking away,
But my heart like an anchor remains at yours.

I refuse to believe,
That you do not love me,
No matter what others say,
Because I know that you do,

But for my heart,
I must leave.
But hope lingers,
That you will grab my hand,

But you don’t,
You won’t,
You’re the one that I love
And now I’m saying goodbye to you….


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