Untitled 2.0

What do you do
When you realise
That every intimate connection
Has ended the same way.

What do you do
When the final blow
Opens your eyes to this shocking truth
Causing chaos as the dots connect.

How do you undo the way you see,
And absorb?

How do you allow yourself
To open up,
When the fear of this trend
Forces you to falter?

The demons in your mind,
Spreads mischief,
In the midst of the nieve spirits
Of your heart.

Causing fictitious situations,
Playing with your vulnerabilities,
Increasing your insecurities while bringing forth your insanity.
To find
A way forward
Needs stability
But the question is


Like the mysteries
Of the old wolrd
The probability of finding the solution
Is not promising,

But it is also not impossible….


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