Your Sun

The cold crisp of the night
Grabs hold of you,
Making each breathe painful to take in
And even harder to let go.

The dark and cold
Overshadows the light of the moon
Your world seems to be caught up,
Wrapped up and held tight.

Thought begins to feel like a long forgotten skill,
Once used to formulate a way to survive,
A way to cope,
A way to escape.

This time so difficult to go through,
When even your hope has left you,
And this darkness is an obstacle,
You are not prepared for,
Let alone overcome.

The moon seems to taunt you.
So bright it shines in an attempt to light your soul
Trying to give clarity to your eyes
But failing at both.

You have come so far
You pray for the sun come
To bring you the hope you lost
The warmth you crave


This darkness will not leave on your command.
It will not gift you easier conditions to cope. No
You have the moon.

This light may not be the warmth luminous hope of the sun
But do not dismiss its power
Nor its purpose.
But use this night as a time to familiarise yourself
With yourself.
It is a time of solitude,
A time for reflection,

Develop a comfort in your loneliness
To better appreciate
The return of your sun
The return of your hope,

Because as sure as the darkness will stay for as long as it must,
Your sun will rise.


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