You are the last

You began to unravel my psyche,
Carefully treading through the minefields of my  protective mind,
While laying a reassuring touch on my heart which silenced any alarm,
I was entangled in a web of you.

When thunder roared in warning
I imagined it to be the beginning of a romantic rainy night,

I began to change my thinking to better accommodate
Your needs,

But all the while delusion
Is running rife,
Causing a muck in my world,
Because my desire for something of substance,
Fooled me into believing all is well

I did all I could,
No matter the cost,
Defending you with a fierce fiery passion,
Because we are different but perfectly matched,

I was wrong.

Finally you did the unthinkable,
You pushed me so far I fell over the edge,
I meant nothing if you could hurt me this way,

That was the moment you gave me a kind of strength
You lost me.

Now I know,
I see,
Even with my hurt,

You are the last,
The last one to make me feel this way,
The last one that I will allow to give me only half of who they are
While I give all of who I am,

I know that I deserve all from the one I have chosen.

I will never bend myself to fit another’s needs
Because I would not expect that of MY one,

I am the me that stands in front of you,
I will never apologize for loving hard,
And anyone who expects me too,

Well those thoughts belong in the fairy tale land were unicorns run free,
The skys are purple,
And the rivers are made of milk chocolate,

Because it is not plausible in this world of reality.


2 thoughts on “You are the last

  1. It can be a fairy-tale if it is the right person for you….. I choose to live in both worlds with my unicorn by my side!!. Allow yourself to feel and love!!….. very good piece, we have all been there at one stage….. Embrace it, feel it!


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