The sudden burst of a reality you never considered,
Can be more disorienting than the realities you formed in your mind.
Could you be repeating past mistakes?
To elude your senses from admitting the foolishness?

When you opened yourself to your worth,
Where you merely holding a picture frame in front of your eyes,
Believing that this fantasy was your reality?
Or was it an honest reflection of true intention?

That’s what happens when your world is so suddenly altered,

You are forced into this new phase of reevaluation.
And you must now face this tedious time,

That brings nothing but doubt,

Doubt in your our own process,
Doubt in your own vision,
In essence doubt in yourself,

This doubt brings with it unhappiness,

Unhappiness in your soul,
Unhappiness in your heart,
Unhappiness with your self-worth,

And that unhappiness brings fear and struggle,

The fear of feeling weak and complacent,
Struggling not to bottle up all that ways so heavy on your shoulders,
And letting out your dismay,
Without fear of judgment and irritation of on looking eyes.

Weather this alteration is truth
With regards to your situation
Know that your expectation of someone else to bring you your happiness is not only illogical and impractical,
But selfish and foolish,

Take your happiness in your own hands,
Were it is meant to be,
Hold it close and let it shine,
Because you should be the source of your own happiness.


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