State of Adjustment II

The level of intensity in which you experience the world can be a problem,
These levels can run high within you,
And they are as much a part of you as the flesh on your bones,
The blood that runs through your veins.

Your heart,
Your head,
Your emotions,
And your needs,

Like corrupt DNA
Producing unhealthy results
Made worse by intensely heightened experiences of each component.

Your heart
Yarns to be wanted,
It yarns to feel the warm of another,
To feel the connection of companionship.

While your head seeks,
And consistency
As to better protect this fragile casing of your inner physique.

The dormant volcano
That is your emotions,
Emotions that are so erratic,
And unpredictable.

All the while you have your need to achieve all of these results,
Driven by intensity
In order to escape the fear of loneliness,
And the burn of rejection.

Together they create confusion,
Of conflicting opinions,
Bringing chaos,
And an overwhelming state of exhaustion.

A harmonious coexistence
Is not likely
Which only causes a heightening effect to
The problem,

This may merely be a state of the ever occurring,
Ever changing adjustments,
And in all fairness no one said adjusting your life would be easy.
Leaving one norm to create a new one,
This is made from the kind of stock that is meant to break you,
The question you need to ask,
In order to find some sort of progress
Do you except this challenge?


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