State of Adjustment

I am no easy person,
Behind the facade of an accommodating smile
Is a difficult situation,
A situation not seen by many.

Unpredictable and wild,
This freak storm that is my emotions
Sends no warning of an appending outburst,
But suddenly appears bringing my world into disarray
Along with anyone in its path,

But calming natures have begun to tame
The senseless fury unleashed.
Never before has calming fire been used to battle this beast,
But it appears to be working.

The same thoughts that fuels this malignant anger,
Invading even the far reaches of  tissue from my being
Are turned to nothing as the realization of the overreacted spirit is made aware that it is lacking in sensibility.

These comes from a learned behaviour that is no longer relevant,
From past pains that no longer haunt the deepest parts of me.
Yes I have released those pains but I have not forgotten the lesson they came with,
I am merely in a state of adjustment.

To be in my world requires patience,
Some may never possess it,
But without it you will never see the reward from it,
And be reassured that I will never take your patience for granted,
Because you are allowing me to give you the love I cannot bare to contain and I only wish to give it openly, honestly and thankfully…


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