I want this

I want you,

I want this,

I want us,

You took the fear that ruled this mind,
This heart,
This life,
And you removed it,

Tonight I give you all of me,
But I knew before this moment,
I knew at the very beginning
That I would let you have all of me.

The first time my eyes caught the sweet glow from your gaze,
You intrigued me,

The moment you slightly brushed your hand down my arm,
You had me,

And the second you smiled sincere and true,
You sealed this deal.

I have never been touched like this,
Your tongue like a hurricane,
Moves across my body
With vigour
Sending stimuli to every corner of my essence,

You use the physical
To take me to the magical,
Floating on a plane nonexistent
Unique only to our universe.

You opened the floodgates,
Of a dam meant to contain,
My passion,
And my love,

I will adorned you with this,


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